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Pique Poivre Editions, a young publisher focused on the artistic and imaginary realms, aims to highlight talented artists through reflections on their art or via their creative journeys.

Passionate about striking visual imagery, we want to offer beautiful works capable of igniting the curiosity in the eyes of the inquisitive through thoughtful and rigorous publishing efforts across various mediums.



Our Team

Thierry and Benjamin

We are two undeniably passionate persons, particularly about games in all their forms, with a special love for cards. We met a few years ago in the gaming association founded by Thierry, we are proud to now to be able to highlight artistic work.

Thierry is a true creative spirit. He is the mastermind behind our Astrological Tarot and meticulously reworked the 48 illustrations of this magnificent deck while also writing the accompanying booklet.

Benjamin manages all the technical and administrative aspects of the publishing house, ensuring that the entity functions smoothly: paperwork, contracts, finances – essentially everything required to keep the company running!

We have joined forces to create a publishing house in which we will offer works with a strong visual identity, striving to provide quality work that can appeal to those immersed in the realm of esoterica and to admirers of beautiful and impactful illustrations alike.





But what does a cat have to do with this story? Well, because Pixel, Thierry's cat, is the origin of the name of these editions!

It's hard to explain in english because it's a french word play :
Pixel became Pique Sel, which then became Pique Poivre! (Sel = Salt, Poivre = Pepper !)

Yes, sometimes it's these kinds of details that make names!

Like most cats, he possesses a mysterious charm. He struts around the house with grace, a true king of his territory. However, behind his confident demeanor hides a timid little heart, and sudden noises or unexpected visitors (including Benjamin!) often send him darting into the shadows.

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